As 1945 approaches, the war is finally ending and Norah and Gavin will soon be going back to England. Fifteen-year-old Norah is eager to see her parents again, but ten-year-old Gavin barely remembers them. He doesn't want to leave his Canadian family, his two best friends and his dog. Feeling guilty and confused, he falls under the influence of a bully at school and gets into a lot of trouble. Then something happens that forces Gavin to make the most difficult decision of his life.

About this novel:
When I decided to write three novels about Norah and Gavin I knew that the last book would feature Gavin. He is one of my favourite characters and it was fun to watch him grow in the trilogy from age five to age ten. I think I was too fond of Gavin, for it was hard to let anything bad happen to him! Perhaps this is because he's my only male character and he reminds me both of my youngest brother and my nephews.

It was very difficult to end the trilogy positively. No novel can have a perfectly happy ending, but I firmly believe that children's novels should leave the reader feeling hopeful. At the end of World War II, both the world and Gavin lose a lot of innocence. I tried to make it clear that, despite the difficulties ahead of him, Gavin's courage and the love of his family will see him through.

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National I.O.D.E. Violet Downey Award
Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People